Platform Costs

Management Fees

Makara charges an annual advisory fee of 1.0% on all assets under management in multi-asset and actively managed baskets. The Makara advisory fee is deducted from the money invested in baskets, debited on a monthly basis. Makara does not charge any other advisory fees for individual portfolios beyond the Management Fee described here. Single asset baskets such as BTC and ETH are not subject to an annual advisory fee.

Example Advisory Fee Calculation

Example portfolio is allocated 90/10 between two baskets with an average monthly balance of $10,000:

Bitcoin Basket - $9,000

Inflation Hedge Basket - $1,000

Assuming 30 days in the month and 365 days in the year, the monthly advisory fee will be $0.82. The math is as follows: $1,000 * 0.01 * (30/365) = $0.82

Other Fees & Expenses

While Makara does not charge for standard platform use, we also know some investors may request additional account services from time to time. That’s why we offer the following services for a fee:

   Additional Services    Fee
   Returned Check, ACH, Wire & Stop Payment Fee    $20.00 each
   Transfer Account Ownership    $10.00 each
   Paper Check Delivery    $20.00 each
   Paper Statements    $7.00 per month
   Paper Trade Confirmations    $1.50 each
   Overnight Mail    $30.00 each