Important Disclosures Regarding Third-Party Endorsement

Referred users should be aware that the individual making the referral is not necessarily an investment professional or affiliated with Makara and is receiving a financial benefit for making the referral. As such, a conflict of interest exists because users are incentivized to refer others for personal gain. Users making referrals may not understand either the financial objectives of individuals they may refer to Makara or the risks associated with investing in cryptocurrency. Further, any user's experience with Makara may not be indicative of other users' experience. Any prospective user referred to Makara is urged to make their own analysis and determination of whether Makara's services are appropriate for their personal goals.

Certain third-parties may provide endorsements or testimonials related to their experience with or opinion of Makara. These individuals may receive some benefit, even indirectly, for sharing their thoughts publicly. As such, a conflict of interest exists due the the author's incentive to share a positive message. Additionally, there is no guarantee that any user will have a similar experience to that of the author