Makara Commentary Policy

At Makara, we take our responsibility as innovators and educators seriously. We wish to foster an environment with open discourse to promote the sharing of ideas and knowledge. To best serve these goals, we have created this third-party commentary policy so we can maintain positive and productive conversations on our website, app, social media pages, or advertisements placed on third-party websites (collectively, “Commentary”).
Generally, all comments provide the opportunity for a discussion and will not be moderated, but occasionally some individuals may make statements that are inappropriate or harmful. Makara reserves the right to remove Commentary that is profane, hateful, and/or unlawful. Some examples of unlawful Commentary may include, but is not limited to: fraud, defamation, coercion, or suggestions of criminal activity. When reviewing any Commentary under this policy, Makara will endeavor to remain objective and ensure that its customers and prospective customers are presented with full, fair, and balanced content. Any Commentary that is removed will be logged to ensure that it remains part of Makara’s books and records. If you believe that any Commentary has been removed in error, then please contact
When determining whether Commentary is potentially defamatory, Makara will consider, among other factors, whether statements 1) are false, 2) have the potential to cause harm, and 3) are made without adequate research into the truth of the statement. Some examples of language in Commentary that Makara may consider defamatory include:
  • Suggestions that Makara is acting in an unscrupulous, unethical, or illegal manner or is otherwise perpetrating a “scam”
  • Suggestions that investing in digital assets generally is unscrupulous, unethical, or illegal or is otherwise a “scam”
  • Suggestions of alternative products or services accompanying advertisements or hyperlinks for such products or services
  • Suggestions that may be construed as investment advice by unlicensed parties