Wire Transfers

Use your Makara App to get instructions for wire deposits into your investment account. Wire deposits are typically received on the same day that your bank initiates the wire and are available for investment the following day. Example: If you were to wire funds to us on Monday, your funds will be available for investment on Tuesday.

Tap the blue 'transfers' button to get started. Choose "make a deposit" to fund your account.

mceclip0.png IMG_0135.PNG

Pick US Dollar for your currency. Choose "wire transfer" as your deposit method.


To fund your account with a wire transfer, instruct your financial institution to wire using the instructions provided in the Makara App. Example details below.

Bank Name:     Silvergate Bank
Bank Address:     4250 Executive Square, Suite 300
      La Jolla, CA 92037 USA
Account Number:     1000808012
Routing Number:     322286803
Beneficiary Account:     Gemini Trust Company LLC
      315 Park Ave South, 18th Floor
      New York, NY 10010 USA
Reference Memo:     <Your Reference Memo>


<Your Reference Memo> You must include your unique reference memo in your wire details or it will be returned. Your unique reference memo will be shown to you in the Makara App. Also, your name must exactly match the name on your Makara account. If you need help changing your name on your Makara account, please submit a request.


IMPORTANT: Confirm with your bank that the transfer was sent via wire (not bank transfer). Make sure you also chose "same day" as your wire option instead of next-day or 3-day wire options. If you did choose the next-day or 3-day option these funds will not land in your account and Makara does not have any control over when they get rejected. However, those funds should automatically be put back in your bank account in 4-5 business days. If your bank sent a next-day or 3-day wire we recommend reaching out to them and recalling the transfer.

If this is your first time funding your account with a wire transfer please consider reaching out to our client services team for assistance. We are happy to confirm any details or use the wire transfer receipt from your bank for to follow up on the status of your deposit. You can forward these receipts to help@makara.com anytime 24/7.