Why is my portfolio missing assets?

You might notice that sometimes your portfolio does not include all of the assets in your basket subscriptions. This situation could happen for several reasons.

"Small Cap Markets"

If you subscribe to baskets that include smaller market capitalization tokens (example: KNC in the Decentralized Finance basket), Makara will occasionally intervene to protect our client’s interest and defer trading an asset when it is trading a significant amount above the prevailing market price. Rather than paying too much for the asset at the current price, Makara seeks to protect our client’s equity by temporarily holding off on buying these assets. The next time you add funds to your account, reallocate your baskets, or re-balance your current baskets Makara will reattempt to purchase the missing asset(s).

Suspended Assets

Makara monitors all of the digital assets in its baskets and may disable trading specific assets at times when trading such assets may be impractical or unadvisable, around forks or chain migrations, for example. Makara considers these assets "Suspended" and they are deferred from trading for a period of time. Makara will attempt to add the missing asset(s) as soon as practicable. See a complete list of suspended assets.

Check a basket for suspended assets by tapping to view its details, and scroll to the bottom of the asset list where any suspended assets will be listed separately.

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Asset Allocations

During large deployments we execute trades over time to avoid impacting the broader market by purchasing all at once so we can get the best execution price for our clients. In situations like this asset prices may change based on the allocations Makara is targeting. Makara may intervene to protect our clients’ interest and defer trading an asset while it is overpriced relative to broader market prices.

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