How does Makara trade?

After you select your baskets and finalize your portfolio allocations Makara handles the rest with our automated investing platform.

All investment activity for the day will be completed at the next available trade window and your portfolio will update after the window has closed. There are distinct events that cause your account to trade, such as:

  • Your first deposit
  • Future deposits and withdrawals
  • Portfolio changes
  • Rebalancing

You can learn all about how your account will trade with the descriptions below:

Deposits and withdrawals

Your first deposit will be deployed into your portfolio at the next available trade window in alignment with the baskets and allocations you have selected. Future deposits and withdrawals will also be deployed into your portfolio in alignment with the baskets and allocation percentages saved in the Makara App.

Manual rebalancing (editing your portfolio allocations and adding/removing baskets)

When you make changes to your portfolio (ex. adjusting the basket allocation percentages or adding/removing baskets) your portfolio will not automatically buy/sell your holdings. Makara will make these changes at the next available trade window. The Makara App will update with these changes after the trade window has closed.

Any changes to your portfolio allocations or basket subscriptions will trigger a rebalance of your assets. Makara will make these trades on your behalf at the next available trade window.

Automatic rebalancing

When the market moves, your actual percentages of holdings can drift away from your target allocation percentages. Makara will automatically rebalance your entire portfolio at the start of every quarter to bring your portfolio back in line with your target allocation percentages. If you are invested in the Metaverse Basket your portfolio will be automatically rebalanced at the start of every month as well. See below for a list of all rebalance windows in 2022:

  • April 1, 2022
  • May 2 2022
  • June 1 2022
  • July 1 2022
  • August 1 2022
  • September 1 2022
  • October 3 2022
  • November 1 2022
  • December 1 2022
  • January 2 2023