Add a new basket to your portfolio

To add a new basket to your portfolio, tap the baskets button on the bottom of the phone and browse Recommended baskets or All baskets.


Tap on any of the baskets to learn more, then tap the blue + button to add a basket to your portfolio.


Confirm that you would like to add this basket to your portfolio by tapping the blue LET'S GO button.

Use the allocation slider tools to adjust your portfolio percentages and make room in your portfolio for the new basket. In the example below we are reducing holdings in the Ethereum Basket by 10% to make room for the new Metaverse Basket. A note at the bottom of the screen will tell you exactly how much allocation percentage you have left to distribute.

IMG_0218_iphoneseblack_portrait.png IMG_0219_iphoneseblack_portrait.png

After reducing the percentage allocated to the Ethereum Basket, we now use the slider to assign 10% of the portfolio to the new Metaverse Basket. Tap the blue SAVE WEIGHTS button to save your new portfolio.


Don't worry if these changes don't show up right away. After you confirm the new basket weights we'll update your portfolio at the next available trade window. For more information on portfolio rebalancing see our FAQ How Does Makara Trade?

Please send an email to if you have any questions about changes to your portfolio.